About The Artist

As an artist, Janie Brackney is driven to be creative. She feels drawn to try new ways to create images that are pleasing to her and that give her great satisfaction or that make her think. She is always hoping that her work brings others a sense of comfort or wonder. When she sits down to create an alcohol ink piece, or a pen and ink abstract, or even a beautiful silk scarf, she is excited about the possibility of what awaits her when finished. She doesn’t usually plan ahead what her art will be or look like, She just lets it happen.

She is always trying out new materials and is continually pleasantly surprised at the results. New genres and materials keep her art fresh and interesting. The pen and ink and the alcohol ink pieces are both open to interpretation by anyone who views them as both methods are abstract in nature. Her scarves are 100% silk, and she has never created two of the same pattern. She is always trying new combinations to get a fresh color that is interesting. No matter what she is working on, she simply does what speaks to her, whether it is a different medium, a new color, or even a new art form.

For almost a decade Janie has been a full-time artist, specializing in pen and ink, alcohol ink, and found object/collage art. She has just recently added hand-dyed silk scarves to her resume and is loving the new process.

She also teaches classes in pen and ink and collage for adults and youth. If you are interested in having a class for you and your friends in collage or pen and ink using the Zentangle method, she is happy to help.

Janie’s art work has been seen in one-woman shows in Fairbanks, Alaska, as well as Port Angeles and Sequim, Washington.

Zentangle by Jane Brackney


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By Appointment:
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