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These lovely flowers are not like your mother’s flowers!! RealTouch flowers is the term typically used to refer to the newest generation of artificial flowers which not only look, but feel realistic. These are a fabric flowers which is coated with a mixture of liquid polymers, using a patented process from Asia. There are other ways, as in the fabric flower is molded from foam, in a patented process. “Fake flowers” were once looked on as being cheap and tacky, however with the introduction of the RealTouch flowers, this is not true anymore. In fact, a bride may have any flower she wants, in any color, and at any time of year without spending hundreds of dollars just to fly them in from some distant grower. With so many people having allergies to fresh flowers, and brides wanting to be able to keep the flowers from their wedding and also use them as a gift for her attendants, The RealTouch flowers are the answer that everyone has been waiting for. These are very beautiful, and though they are available, very few actual florists are using this alternative. Flowers on a Moonbeam is using RealTouch flowers exclusively, unless the bride requests the introduction of high end fabric flowers in areas where the flowers are not up close or where they won’t be touched. This is always an option to keep costs down.

Flowers on a Moonbeam is a small family-owned business. Because we are small, we can give you personal, hands-on attention, no matter what your event is. We do parties, showers, prom corsages/bouts, floral gifts to a sick friend, or just because. If it is an event, needing more than an email or phone call to arrange, we will set up an initial, free consultation with you, either at your home, or at our shop. We will bring samples of our flowers and we can talk about your ideas. If you find that we are a good fit for what you want, we require a $200 deposit to hold your wedding date. A full estimate is worked up for you, including any rentals of vases, etc. At that time an initial payment of 35% of your flower package total is due. We have a very liberal payment plan, with the requirement that your flowers are paid off one month prior to your event. RealTouch flowers are comparable in price to fresh flowers, and in some cases less expensive. More importantly, you get what you want, when you want it without going into debt.

  • We pride ourselves on giving you that special, hands-on touch. We will be happy to do any theme you are dreaming of.
  • We provide all services from the initial order through to clean up of our materials at your site.
  • We rent everything that we can recycle to help keep your costs down.
  • You will find that working with Flowers on a Moonbeam is very easy and enjoyable.
  • Our greatest desire is to go the extra mile to make your wedding everything you dream of.

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